Ways to Avoid Interrupted Sleep

Studies have shown that sleep interruption is more detrimental to mood than lack of sleep, which may shed light on the association between depression and insomnia. When sleep is disrupted throughout the night, you don't often have the opportunity to progress through the sleep stages because the process of winding down starts over again. Alongside sleep quantity, a night of refreshing and quality sleep is just as important to feeling restored!

Interrupted sleep brings about many short-term and long-term consequences that affect us daily, so it is crucial to learn how to prevent this from happening. Especially because rest is the core of productivity, having a healthy one allows us to go through the day more efficiently. And it also helps us be in a good mood!

Here are some helpful sleep tips to avoid a constant scattershot sleep-wake:

Keep a regular sleep-wake cycle

Sleeping at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning creates a habit that your body familiarizes. This allows your brain to know exactly when is your winding time and set your body's natural clock.

Cut out bad habits and routines

Do you know that our daily habits affect our sleep? And most often than not, we unknowingly do things that promote many sleep issues. This includes vices such as alcohol and cigarettes, being inactive and napping too much during the day, excessive blue light exposure, eating heavy meals during the night, and drinking too much caffeine, as well as drinking water 2 hours before bed!

Improve sleep environment

We always don't pay attention to making our bedroom a sleep-induced one, which is just as vital to the ways there are. Our bedroom contributes to a better night's sleep because when we feel better, we significantly sleep better! A place that is cool, dark, and quiet would help your body relax. Read THIS to have a full guide to creating a haven out of your bedroom!

You may also want to wear some comfy pajamas; The Snoozzze Box pajamas would be guaranteed to fit best! Because sleep disruptions may be caused by waking up from feeling too cold or warm, a set of pajamas would help keep your temperature throughout your sleep.

Live a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet of good nutrition, daily exercise, and healthy habits to function at best. Overall, it promotes a happier life! And studies suggest that when you feel better, it helps you sleep better! This is because the absence of stress and negative feelings gives you nothing to ponder during the night. The bed instantly makes you sleepy with no worries!

In facilitating sleep continuity, there are many things to consider. But eliminating as many possible sources of sleep disturbances and learning how these affect your sleep is a good starting point to refreshing nights of sleep.