Mother's Day Gift Guide for a Cozy Night

What is the most difficult job in the world? We'd say... being a mom! Raising a child has probably never been harder these days, and acknowledging their efforts by gifting them something special can at least make them feel we appreciate what they do and how much difference they partake in our lives.

With Mother's Day approaching fast, we know there are so many gift ideas coming through your head that it gets pretty easy to be overwhelmed! You know the women in your life would love whatever it is that you would gift them, but you want to make it the best you can - we hear you!

Whether you are gifting your mom, grandma, other relatives, or co-workers, these gift ideas are the ones they will surely love. Most moms are very busy during the day, juggling household chores and making sure everyone is well-taken care of, and it would be fun to have them experience a cozy and fun night that makes the day extra special! Of course, every mom would love to unwind and relax every now and then, so we'll give them just that!

Movie Night Experience

Who said a gift always has to be physical? An experience can mean so much more! While there are many other ways to create a fun night, one filled with popcorn, cozy blankets, unlimited drinks, and your favorite movies under a dim light on your home-sweet-home is a simple yet joyful idea. Nothing is more comforting and stress-less than a sleep-in with family!

As a bonus, you may turn on the fireplace or light some scented candles while enjoying your drinks.

Pamper Kit

Moms don't often have the luxury of time to get the pampering time they deserve. With many things going on for them on a daily basis, it is usual that they forget what taking care of themselves means! The good thing is, there are tons of pamper kit products you can gift. As a starter, a pamper kit can include essential oils, bath bombs, nail tools and polish, skincare items, a good book or magazine, cozy body slippers, and healthy snacks to create an ultimate pamper-at-home experience! Make sure you personalize it for an added factor, such as incorporating her favorite color or brand!

Soft Robe or Heated Blanket

Cozy isn't enough to describe the feeling of getting out of the shower and putting a robe on! Wearing it also feels like you are at a luxury spa on vacation after a long day. If you find it difficult to find the best robe she'll like, a heated blanket is also a great alternative to warm her up for sleep. PLUS, they can be used anywhere else to add a bit of extra warmth, especially for moms who are always cold and looking to stay warm all throughout a cold night!

Oil Diffuser

One of the must-haves for moms! Oil diffusers are known to boost mood, improve sleep, and are just good for overall well-being! It makes a great gift as it increases positive feelings and relieves stress. For moms who usually experience restless nights, a little aromatherapy can go a long way to induce sleep and promote relaxation! They can also place it not just in the bedroom, but anywhere inside the house.

Pajama Subscription Box

Self-care gifts are the perfect way to say "I care about you, and I want you to care about YOU, too!" It is also a fun and exciting idea to have your mom try brands and products she hasn't tried before. It may be surprising she will discover something she never thought she needed! And for you, it means you'll avoid the last-minute anxiety of shopping and long lines at crowded malls. You'll just have to subscribe, get excited, and wait for the box to arrive at your doorstep.

The Snoozzze box is a pajama subscription box that incorporates self-care by adding goodies best for sleep. Each box includes a set of stylish and cozy pajamas and 3-5 self-care products to add to your nighttime routine, which are handpicked especially for you! We aim to help you and/or your mom get the best night of sleep you/she deserves!

Moms are the most selfless people on Earth, and it is just right to give back the best for them! If you're still on the hunt for a gift they will surely love, try gifting them a movie night experience, pamper kit, soft robe or heated blanket, oil diffuser, or our very own favorite, a pajama subscription box!