How to Make Your Bedroom a Haven

A bedroom should be a quiet, cozy place where you retreat to after a stressful and tedious day for a relaxing night. However, most bedrooms host the knick-knacks of our lives. You will find things like old furniture, books and clothes tucked in bedrooms, away from the guests’ sight. 

Research reveals that people spend about a third of their life in bed. Adding the time and hours spent relaxing or reading in the rooms translates to a significant time in the bedroom. Experts have proven that your spaces impact your mental health and general mood.

See below some ways to transform your bedroom into a have and enjoy maximum comfort for your well-being.


Setting a clear intention of what you will do and have in your sleep space is crucial. If you want a room to read a book, besides sleeping, the setting may be different. You may need to consider your space, personality, and likes.

Some people may view their bedroom as a place for strictly sleep and sex, while others won’t mind an office in the room. Avoid making your bedroom space for everything like eating, hanging out, crafting, among others, and design for simple things.

Let the bedroom serve its purpose, which is a sleeping space. You can add a function or two, but keep it simple and relaxing. With a clear intention and a goal in mind, you may start implementing it.


With a clear picture of your goal in mind, next up is color! Choosing a color scheme and sticking by it is one of the best ways to cozy up a bedroom. Working with a color scheme will help to ground your bedroom and bring its feel and look together.

Science shows that individuals are wired for certain shades. As you pick a hue, follow your gut but choose colors proven to give a lulling effect like relaxing green, meditative orange, or calming blue. While it is fine to mix and match, please do not overdo it.

Personalize the room with your choice of color by painting the walls something fresh and new. Consider adding a plush rug or colorful throw pillows as you embrace the textures and colors you love to build a space that appeals to you.


If you have to move items around to get an item, you may have too much stuff! Many people throw things under the bed. Clutter under beds represent unresolved things in your life and may disrupt your sleep cycle. In small homes where under the bed is a valuable storage space, keep bedroom related things like off-season clothing or bedroom-related items.

Some individuals have reported the best sleeping experience was while camping. Experts link this to the fresh air and connection to earth and detachment from technology as possible causes. Try and keep your bedroom tech-free or have electrical currents a few feet away from your head.

A typical nightstand has a pile of chargers, clocks, books, and medicines. In the drawers, you will find store receipts, old photos, tissue newspapers, and more. More of these items feel like junk as they are not needed. Clear everything and only keep your version of the inspiration board. Treasured memorabilia, favorite photos, scented candles, and maybe things that will make you smile at the end of the day.

Keep your drawer from becoming a tangled mess by arranging items in boxes and small trays within. Only have things that support the sleep process, like essential oils or meditation helpers. Turn your bedside table into a little sanctuary for inspirational private items that you treasure.


Make it a habit to clean your room often. According to a survey done by the National Sleep Foundation, a clean room translates to better sleep. Changing the linens is a personal decision subject to many other factors like the type of your linen and your preference. If the smell of fresh linen makes you happy and relax better when climbing the bed, then change them after every one or two weeks. However, for better sleep, ensure that your beddings are free from dust, dirt, and foul smell.

Freshen up your linens with your color scheme in mind. Have at least two sets ready for your bed. You can either have them in different colors or similar ones.


Studies suggest that an average person spends about 229,661 hours of their lifetime sleeping. A good night and quality sleep are also affected by the quality of fabrics you sleep in and on. When sleeping, comfort is of utmost importance.

The Snoozzze Box offers luxurious pajamas that are extremely comfortable yet stylish. On subscription, you not only get the delivery to your doorstep, but the package contains 3-5 sleep and self-care products that will make your bedroom a haven. Personal preference varies; hence you have a great variety of colors and styles to choose from. The pajamas guarantee a sense of tranquility and calmness.


Fresh air is good for sleep and calmness of mind. Opening your window for at least 15 minutes every morning ensures your bedroom gets clean air and promotes the right temperature at night. Ventilating the room also lowers the air's carbon dioxide levels, which improves the quality of sleep and general wellness. It is also a good way to get rid of bad odors.


Bedroom spaces are for rejuvenation and rest. It is easy to get consumed with our daily routines and carry our non-stop buzz right into the places meant for rest. This way, you rob yourself a chance for a restful night. Through the tips above, you can transform your secluded space into a peaceful haven. When your bedroom becomes a place of tranquility, you enjoy maximum rest that comes with a lot of benefits. You can either choose to start changing some small bits, or if your budget allows, everything at a go.