Why You Need to Get Up Early in the Morning

Timing is everything. And when it comes to going off to bed and waking up in the morning, it has proven to create a massive difference! It is no secret ditching the snooze button and getting things done as earliest as one can is a very popular habit that highly successful people often advise. And if you've ever been on the "billionaire mindset" side of social media, you might have heard this a thousand times: the early bird catches the worm.

But for the night owls, nocturnals, and sleepyheads, this might be a little extra thing to do. And they got a point! Because with a set of comfy pajamas, sleeping in feels like heaven on Earth. However, although it is one of our great pleasures to tuck into bed, and some may argue that being an early riser or not doesn't make such a difference on one's workload or productivity, we cannot deny that the vast majority of us are accustomed to the fact that we are more focused and concentrated when waking up early in the morning. Of course, with enough numbers of sleep. Science explains that this is due to how our bodies function - light affects our biological master clock and causes wakefulness, which is the opposite during the evening.

Aside from waking up early may submerge you into the idea of greatness in a world where many choose to greet the sun at 10:00 AM, it turns out it has many much more benefits than just that.

Healthier-looking skin

Our skin cells generate during sleep, which means sleep deprivation is one major factor of unhealthy one. It also reduces dark circles and signs of aging as it helps increase collagen and fix UV damage necessary to have healthier-looking skin. When you wake up early, it gives you more chances to dive a bit more into your skincare routine and do healthy activities that contribute to your skin, such as eating healthy and exercising.

More time for activities

If you have a 9 to 5 job, waking up at 8:00 AM (at the most) gives you just ENOUGH time to ready yourself and go to work. Meaning, you do not have time to spend on yourself or on things you love or at least savor your cup of coffee!

If you struggle to find time between jobs and personal commitments, maybe your mornings could set the tone to help you out. Waking up earlier than usual means you have more time to exercise, meditate, enjoy a peaceful morning, plan something, talk to a friend, cook your breakfast, or whatever you want it to look like. As simple as hanging out by yourself on a sunny morning goes a long way!

Means better sleep

In a study cited by National Center for Biotechnology Information, they found that people who wake up earlier than others have gone to bed earlier than those who did not and experienced less frequent dozing and more comfort.

As our body adapts to the cycle we create through the accumulation of consistent habits, consistently waking up early gives us more energy and a balanced rhythm. This establishes our sleep-wake time, which is essential to our natural body clock. If you are getting off in bed at 6:00 AM, it is more likely you go in at the right time in the evening, when all other things you do throughout the day are sleep-sensitive. And when this keeps happening, it is a leap to experience a healthy sleeping habit!

Helps to have a clear mental state

Our brains do not quickly function as effectively the moment we step out of bed. Studies suggest that it takes one to four hours before we feel focused enough, so they also recommend not making important decisions during those times but only once you were able to shake off sleep inertia.

That said, it is crucial to have enough time to have your mind in the right. And waking up in the morning gives you that time. Aside from better sleep being correlated with waking up in the morning allows you to function more effectively, more time in the morning also saves you the hassle and pressure of going through a lot of housework and prepping with only a fraction of a moment.

Increases organization and productivity

As awakeness happens and your body has more time to be fully awake and stay focused, productivity increases. Mornings tend to be more peaceful, and it gives you a chance to do the work and plan ahead. You can maximize this by listing down your priorities and starting to work on the little things. As you accomplish and tick something off your to-do list, you will find the following tasks easier and you may likely be more determined to do more.

Not only that but planning and productivity can change your mood throughout the day. If you are curious about how productivity can spark happiness (and vice versa), READ HERE.

The bottom line is we all have different schedules that may be difficult to alter for some, especially those working night shifts. So, there's no need to sacrifice an ample amount of sleep to greet the sun just because it is the norm.

BUT if you are someone who has the time and privilege to do so and is looking to improve yourself, there is no reason you shouldn't!