How Productivity Can Spark Your Happiness

Nothing beats the feeling of finally checking off everything on our to-do lists and accomplishing our daily tasks! Let's be honest - this is one of the things that we look forward to each day. Every one of us loves having our time used in things that matter (especially when we feel we're already in 'that' age!).

Although happiness differs from person to person, research shows that happy people tend to be more productive. BUT do you know that productivity can also spark your happiness? Yes, it goes both ways! 

Here are some reasons you need to know to motivate yourself to have a more productive day!:

It gives you purpose.

Having a goal and being able to accomplish it are two different things. When you know your purpose and set a goal for yourself, you wake up in the morning ready to make it happen. Once you reach a milestone, you'll be more confident in what you can do, which helps you look forward to bigger things.

It helps you grow and gives you clarity.

Productivity is a step-by-step moving forward thing. Not an instant did-it-all kinda situation. You learn a lot and discover more about yourself in every task you do. You will be challenged every now and then, which is vital to your growth and how you handle situations. But nothing is impossible when you are unstoppable! Remember that it will also help you in deciding what you want. The more you are committed, the more you become exposed, and you'll know what aligns and what does not.

It lifts your mood.

We always get excited whenever we feel like finishing something and getting to spend the time after as our leisure. And the more productive you get, the more motivated you feel.

5 productivity tasks you can do daily to feel good:

  • Brisk walking/ Short exercising
  • Journaling
  • Decluttering
  • Watering plants
  • Meditating

Productivity creates happiness by triggering biological responses from our brains when we accomplish something. It nudges our brain to release dopamine, known as the "happiness and reward" hormone. But it's important to remember that "being productive" and "being busy" are two very different things. And that sometimes, productivity can mean having a good amount of rest, a good night's sleep with your pj's on, or getting some leisure time!