Why You Need an Evening Routine Makeover

If your nighttime routine includes binging into your favorite Netflix series, checking your emails in bed, stressing over things you have no control over, or hopping in your 2-month-old sheets with lights on all over the room... then it's about time for an evening routine makeover!

A night of quality sleep is more than just the habits we all probably know. The environment we are in and the consistent routines we make are also crucial parts of what makes our body able to fully rest during our sleep.

According to Humphrey (2021) of Sleep Matters Club, an evening routine makes concluding the day so much easier, and falling asleep faster and getting better quality sleep. Having an evening routine is the key to feeling refreshed, getting a head start on the next day, and key for a successful morning routine.

We all have different reasons why falling asleep becomes difficult at times - stress, work, eating habits, etc. To help you understand the importance of creating a routine, here are more benefits of making one:

It means having good hygiene

An evening routine is all about creating a clean and sleep-inducing environment that makes sleeping easier. It means tossing out unimportant things, decluttering the space, throwing off distractions, and consistently changing what has to be changed. This includes bed sheets, pillow sheets, rugs, and curtains.

Aside from beautifying and cleaning the bedroom, it is a must that you build a routine for yourself as well! Read THIS to learn how to take care of your skin before bedtime through 4 easy steps.

It will make you feel productive and organized

A cluttered environment usually takes a toll on our productivity. As the saying goes, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind!

When you build a routine, it means you are doing something important. It creates a feeling of productivity, and having it constantly done will make you feel organized. It will help you prioritize what is important, know what you are up to every night, boost your creativity on some things, and drive you toward achieving more! Building a habit supports our cognitive function to do more things effectively and efficiently over time, and it allows us to stick with it and do more.

One helpful way is to build a list of what you need to accomplish - checking it off is a great hack that will make you feel like smashing your goals!

It will give you a more peaceful mind

According to a physician at Piedmont, reducing the number of decisions you make each day will create a deeper sense of peace and relaxation in the mind and body. Routines are established through habits that when once done, will give a sense of control. Creating a routine takes off the guesswork of what you need to do in the evening - it won't take much energy to figure out what must be accomplished because they are already established.

By creating an environment that is unique to you, it also makes you feel more connected and your mind calmer. 

It makes sleeping faster

Evening routines are cues for your body that it is time to wind down. Instead of hopping into bed right after a stressful day, doing the routine gives you time to physically and mentally recover.

A good routine means setting off distractions that make falling asleep difficult. So instead of scrolling through your newsfeed, you may find yourself enjoying the benefits of yoga or having a conservation with a loved one. These little things will not only help you have a good night's sleep, but they will also set the tone of your morning energy.

There is no one-size-fits-it-all solution to having quality sleep nor one magic to making your sleep instantly refreshed. The key is to build a curated routine and habits suited to your schedule, your liking, and you as a person. It may be hard to stick with it for quite some time, but you'll eventually feel the benefits that come with it!