How To Take Care of Your Skin Before Bedtime

Your skin-care regimen does not end once you hit the bed. We know we usually do all the skin-care routine during the morning, and we just feel too drained to repeat the same 12-step process at night. After all, a night of beauty sleep is all it takes! Or... not?

As much as a morning routine, beauty sleep, and a healthy lifestyle are vital to achieving that healthy glowing glass skin every girl probably wants to have, a pre-bedtime skin-care regimen makes a massive difference, too! There are plenty of ways that we can do to improve our skin even while we are heavily snoozing in our beds. And the good thing is, it does not always have to be as much as we do during the morning.

Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, or even if you are not too prone to acne, you have to do it! Here are a few tips that will make your skin say thank you to you:

Cleanse twice

Washing your face should be a priority, even if your body doesn't feel like doing it. Some days, it just feels like an extra thing to do, but it is the most important step before you hop into bed. In fact, it is arguably more important to cleanse your face during the night than in the morning. Just imagine the amount of dirt, makeup, and oil that slowly builds up after a day of going here and there! What more to let it sit on your face overnight?

Our skin cells regenerate during the night, and dirty skin, while this takes place, won't help. To get rid of all traces of dirt, it is advisable to double cleanse, especially when you've used long-lasting makeup during the day.

Use warm water or steam your skin

Warm water helps open up pores and clean bacteria that may lead to acne. You may do this while cleansing. Alternatively, if you feel like doing something extra for your skin, facial steam will be great for pampering. By boiling water and pouring it into a slightly big bowl, you can finally start your DIY facial steaming at home! Just lean your face and cover your head and shoulders with a towel - this will be enough to soothe you and remove dirt on your face. OR you can soak a clean towel in a hot water, let it get warmer, and gently pat it on your face for an ample amount of time.

Drink plenty of water

Is there even something water cannot help your health with? Sleeping can sometimes dehydrate your skin, so it is important to stock some by drinking before bed to hydrate you throughout the night. This way, you will also prevent sleep disruption when your body wakes you up thirsty for water. But remember not to drink it 2 hours before bed! If you are curious why, then READ THIS.

Sleep on your back

Do you know that there are actual sleep positions that are better than the others? If you are a side-sleeper, no matter how comforting it may be for you, you may want to sleep the other way. Surprisingly, it causes the skin to get tugged, which consequently leads to wrinkles! Or better yet, get yourself a skin-friendly pillow to minimize skin irritation and fine lines.

And make sure that you are using clean bed sheets, pillowcases, and beddings that are of high quality!

Many things happen during our sleep, so make sure that your skin is fully prepared for all the good benefits that come with it! If you are looking for products to spice up your nighttime routine, The Snoozzze Box got it all for you in one box!