Why Skin Care Is A Form of Self-Care

Skincare is not just about looking good outside, but it is more about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin. Your face and your skin are your billboards to the world! Realistically, it is the first thing that people see in us. When you feel good about how it looks and feels, you feel good about yourself and your confidence sparks up! You show up more, and you can connect more.

But did you know that approximately 3,000 skin conditions affect millions of people worldwide? The most common issues include acne, dry or itchy skin and hyperpigmentation, or dark patches. Every one of us has probably experienced breakouts, and let's be honest - it feels frustrating that we even sometimes have to cry it out! Worst case scenario, when there's an occasion we got them on, and we know concealing is not always the best choice. It feels terrible that it shatters our confidence. But thanks to skincare, the chance of preventing these from happening is crystal clear. Not to mention that not all of us have the budget to consult a dermatologist; skincare products are the go-to's to achieve that dream glow and healthier-looking skin!

By spending five extra minutes treating your skin and also doing your routine, you're sending a message: "I'm worth it," says Matt Traube, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and a psychodermatologist, mentioned in Everyday Health's article. Other reasons why skincare is a form of self-care are because:

  • You are doing something nice for yourself that would benefit you in the long run.

  • The routine of pampering your skin gives you something to look forward to, which triggers your brain to release chemicals that may potentially boost your mood and well-being.

  • You have time to sit down with yourself and make yourself feel better by investing in results-driven products.

To save you from the guesswork, here are some tips you'd surely like to keep in mind to have an effective and cost-efficient skincare routine:

Buy multi-use products

Many products out there offer two or more uses in one purchase. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone! For example, you can buy a moisturizer with sunscreen or an exfoliator that can be used as a face mask.

Do your research

Expensive does not mean effective. You have to know your skin type and your unique beauty needs and see reviews or testimonials from other people who tried on the product. You can also watch Youtube or TikTok and see some skincare recommendations based on your skin type. This prevents you from splurging money on what does not work for you!

Skip extra steps

The skincare trend has gone wild over time! But don't let this impulsively influence you - you know your skin needs best! You can customize your daily routine based on your skin type to achieve the best results. Sometimes, using too many products suffocate your skin, which can cause irritations and blemishes. Remember that less is better.

Have a healthy and clean lifestyle

Nothing will be effective if you don't create a healthy lifestyle, no matter what or how many products you use. This includes drinking water, eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and sleeping. But if you are having a hard time sleeping, you might want to check THIS out!

Invest in high-quality skin products

The urge to try new ones is truly hard to resist. While it is absolutely fine to explore, make sure you are critical in buying products to prevent skin damage. Using quality skincare products in your daily routine can trigger mood-boosting chemicals. It's essential to use the ones that have been proven and trusted!

There are so many ways to practice self-care, and skincare is just one of them! It can affect your self-esteem and overall outlook on life. The discouragement that comes with looking at yourself in the mirror and not feeling good is frustrating! Good thing, The Snoozzze Box offers a bunch of self-care products to add to your daily routine, alongside a comfy set of pajamas to make sure you sleep best! All you need to do is subscribe, sit back, and receive your package in time.