Why Taking a Selfie Can Make You Feel Better

Are you a huge fan of snapping selfies and sharing them on your social? Well, you're not the only one! Millions of selfies are probably being taken each minute all over the world. Who does not love feeling like themselves, right? Life gets so busy at times that having time to appreciate yourself feels incredible, even just by snapping a quick selfie and sending it to your loved ones.

We, humans, love telling stories that connect, interact, and just purely enjoy the good feels that come from genuinely sharing a part of us. It makes us feel that somebody, even after proximity, belongs to our pretty little world!

Do you know that even studies showed that picture-taking can promote happiness and sharing can increase positive feelings? Yes, it does! Here are some reasons why taking selfies can be a form of self-care:

Selfies can make you feel confident.

We live in a very, very tech-fueled society that has accustomed us to joining what's constantly on the trend. Taking a selfie makes us embrace our uniqueness on top of everything around us. It's also a way of visualization of your best or ideal self. Try grabbing your phone, striking your most genuine smile, and snapping it off - tell us how you feel about ut!

Selfies enhance your mood.

Many people claim that posting their selfies online makes them happier. It feels therapeutic, especially when surrounded by those who love giving positivity-boosting compliments. While not everyone is fond of taking dozens of photos of their own face, we all have those moments when we felt most beautiful and how a single selfie fueled our moods!

Selfies make you connect.

Nothing makes people closer together faster than the words 'Let's take a selfie!' Selfies are a really great way to showcase and capture the feel of a moment, especially with your special people! Having something to look back on and document memories help in deepening relationships and strengthening the connection.

What are you waiting for?! Snap some shots, show them to the world, and feel the goodness in being your most authentic self!