Why Having Meaningful Conversations Can Be A Key to A Happier Life

Having a meaningful conversation is vital in any kind of relationship. The ability to converse and connect with a family, friend, acquaintance, or even a stranger enables us to find valuable insights and engage in a deeper sense. Not only does it feel fulfilling, but it creates an incredibly significant impact in our lives. Especially in this age where we spend most of our time browsing the internet, allotting time to communicating makes all the difference!

Every one of us has a story to tell. But most of the time, they become unuttered for some reason! And we all know how heavy it feels to bottle up all the emotions inside, to feel as though nobody listens - we've all probably been there, and it's just not a good feeling. In fact, according to a study co-authored by Simine Vazire at Washington University, “The happiest were people who engaged often in more meaningful and substantive discussions, as opposed to those who filled conversations with idle chit-chat and small talk."

We've gathered some reasons why having a meaningful conversation can be a key to a happier life:

Conversations allow you to be authentic

Having meaningful conversations with the right people who allow you to be vulnerable and authentic about who you are as a person genuinely helps you realize your potential and sparks happiness. Not being ashamed of your thoughts and emotions and being able to share them wholeheartedly and truthfully promotes fulfillment and leads to stronger interpersonal relationships.

Conversations give you a sense of value

When someone takes time to genuinely listen and validate your thoughts, it just feels good! It also feels nice that someone is interested to hear what's on your mind and just doesn't make you feel bad for sharing, especially when it's a topic you are most passionate about.

Conversations help you heal and grow

Each of us went through something that may have broken us, or maybe, some still have things they need to heal from. Talking about these experiences to trusted people allows us to gradually recover from past traumas and gives us a sort of light feeling. When we feel overwhelmed, letting them out is one of the best remedies to manage our emotions.

Conversations also open us to new perspectives, which we can use to improve and become better individuals. There are so many things we never knew we can learn from other people's own experiences and insights of the world. As they say, someone else's story may be someone else's survival guide to the path of betterness.

Conversations help nurture relationships

In a world fueled by technology, we often forget to spend significant time with our loved ones. Sure, face timing is not a bad idea, but engaging in conversations that allow the relationship to discover more of its sense and value in our lives is something we should ponder on. There is more to constant how-are-yous and daily greetings that we should pay attention to. Creating time for healthy conversation builds a strong foundation for any relationship. And it can be in a simple set-up like in dinner, lunch or a family gathering!

Connection is the foundation of our relationships with whoever it may be. And these relationships we have with ourselves and others determine the quality of our lives and our overall well-being. The people we engage with and how we engage are just as important because when our relationships are in a good state, we feel better and do better in what we do. That said, it is vital to keep a healthy connection with our loved ones, and it can just be in a simple yet meaningful conversation.