Why Baking Is Good For Your Brain, Mood, and More!

Do I even need to explain?! Yes, here's your excuse to eat some fresh chocolate chip cookies or whatever you desire!

And in case you need some convincing, here's why baking can be a form of self care:

Offers an Escape From Stresses of The Day

The physical activity and sensations associated with baking can be good for people who feel anxious or overwhelmed, as it heightens awareness of their body and being present in the moment; both of which can reduce stress and improve mood. Creative endeavors get us out of our heads and allow our heads and hearts to focus on something else besides the current stressor(s). 

The Step-By-Step Process Makes You More Mindful

This involves being fully present and engaged in one task rather than multitasking or reacting to external distractions. Following the step-by-step instructions can engage a lot of attention. Creativity, coordination,  and reasoning are required to bake a successful treat.

The End Result Is SWEET (And Good for Sharing)

While baking can be a soothing and mood-supportive activity, it needs to be balanced with what is made and consumed. The best part is your sweet treats can be shared with your family and friends, which can go back to positive effects of giving gifts.  

Obviously doing this everyday is not a very effective form of self-care because our bodies were not meant to consume cake, cookies, breads and brownies daily, but doing it once in a while won't harm you.

Here’s a healthier recipe for banana bread that I love!