6 Ways to Treat Yourself After This Hard Year

Life may have thrown at you more than you could handle, but you sailed through! Everyone seems to be on a never-ending race to make life better, and sometimes we are caught up in competition with ourselves. It is good to strive towards improving life, but is there a mark of achievement?

The chase can get tiring and feel like running after the wind. Besides the grind, there are endless chores, the need to catch up with family, maintaining relationships with friends, pursuing careers, and improving yourself. Slowing down is critical, though it sounds hard to obtain. In such a busy world, intentional downtime is a need. Here are ways to treat yourself, catch a breather, and rejuvenate after such a challenging year.


When you are under pressure, self-care may start seeming like pressure. Now that the holidays are beckoning going for a holiday treat is one of the best ways to treat you. Many benefits come with stepping aside and enjoying a different view.

Book a hotel with a room that overlooks an ocean or a cottage deep in the tranquil nature. Leave your laptop and gadgets behind. This is not the time to keep checking the office mails. You can carry a phone if you need to communicate, but switch it off often and enjoy some quiet time. Sometimes the best gift you can give to yourself is peace of mind.


A pajama subscription box that focuses on self-care sounds is a real deal. The products included will help you enjoy a restful and good night’s sleep. Since you have worked so hard, investing a few dollars in having your products delivered every other month is a treat worth every penny.

The comfy and stylish pajama set will ensure that you sleep happy and wake up to an energetic self, full of energy to tackle any other day. This set is useful daily and will see you throughout the coming year and beyond. Make quality sleep part of your new year’s resolution, and start by investing in the right sleep gear.


Jewelry is lasting, meaningful, and a very practical gift to self. Imagine all the times you have held your breath hoping that your significant other, friend, or loved one will get you that chain on your birthday or special day. Consider this as the best time to reward yourself and make that dream come true. Get a ring you have always dreamt of or a gold chain you always admire.

Getting that jewelry is a worthy investment, as some can appreciate in worth over time. The pieces are heirlooms in most families that serve many generations. It is okay to start the cycle and have something to pass down with your name inscribed in it. Jewelry is a treat that you can use every day and pass it on as a treasure.


Among the many lessons, we will carry from this year is that life is volatile. Find a time and learn that skill that you have always postponed. Do not be among the statistics that die with gifts and abilities that have never been explored.

The internet has made it extremely easy to learn new things. Look for videos and tutorials that offer lessons on the things that interest you. If you can, enroll in a course and pursue your dreams. Pause and perfect the art of baking, learn how to crotchet, or master the art of playing the guitar. There is no end to learning.


Decluttering has multiple health benefits, and is more than a trend. Research studies reveal that clutter produces increased cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone causing depression and anxiety. Cluttered bedroom spaces compromise sleep quality, and can feel your mind with anxious thoughts.

Donate and sell items that you do not use. Think of digitizing old photos you cherish and save in modern devices to free up space in your closets and drawers. Quit holding on to clothes that are a few sizes bigger or smaller, hoping that you will fit in them again.

But clutter is more than having clean spaces. You may also have clogged your life with toxic relationships that derail you. Engagements and groups that add no value are not worth crossing with to the next year.

Treat yourself by evaluating your space and decluttering. Check out for things that you do not use, multiple items that serve the same purpose, or anything that does not have a designated space.

Take a closer look at your relationships and start by deleting contacts that do not count. Cut off engagements that drag you behind and friendships that add no value. If you have people whose company leaves you in a worse state than before meeting them, quit that group.


Baths are a beautiful thing. A domestic hot tub where you can sink into, let your hair down, splash around like a baby and relax as you drain your troubles away is a blessing. When life presents an opportunity to make bath times more beautiful, grab it! A bath tray will allow you to light your bath sessions with candles, enjoy the divine smell of essential oils, and have a wine glass at arm’s length. All these as you take a bath.

You can give yourself a spa-worthy experience at the comfort of your home with a bath tray because you deserve it.


Unlike other types of affection, self-love can only come from one person, you. After a hard year, treating yourself is a great way to recharge and psyche up to pursue your goals with new energy. Make it a habit to celebrate yourself, even when nobody else does. Besides boosting your self-esteem, a worthy treat will soothe your ego and make you feel good about yourself.