Ways to Boost Your Energy Throughout the Day

Starting the day feeling restless leads to habits that may impact not only your daytime duties but also the risk of developing an unhealthy cycle. A person with less energy in the morning is more likely not to exercise and take long naps during the afternoon, which makes him incapable of sleeping early and feeling tired the next day - then the cycle goes on!

But maybe you had to pull an all-nighter, study for an exam, or do something important, so that makes staying up late in the night excusable. Still, you cannot afford to feel drained because it means being less efficient and productive, especially during the daytime when most of the work has to be done.

While morning fatigue is normal for many people, there are several ways to energize your body and be more awake throughout the day. Read on!

Cold shower

Cold water exposure in the morning is studied to boost alertness and focus. Aside from the fact that getting out freshly of bed and then jumping into the shower will shock your nerves, it will stimulate your body to be more alert and energized. It can also be a signal to your brain that it is time to do the work!

Some studies have also found that cold shower increases the ability to deal with stress more effectively.

Drink coffee (or a smoothie)

Caffeine in the morning is not a bad idea. It will keep you awake for hours and boost the energy level that will make you feel like wanting to be all out. But for people who are not a fan of too much caffeine, drink tea or smoothies instead. Teas generally contain no to less caffeine, while smoothies are loaded with sugar which will help you gain more energy. PLUS they are so fun to make!

Get some sunlight

Sunlight is a natural source of blue light, necessary to suppress the sleep-inducing hormone. Although our gadgets do have these short wavelengths as well, too much screen time often makes you sluggish and just more tired. So much time and energy are wasted interacting with everyone and anyone online, and much information will make your brain feel bombarded!

In the morning, take some time to step out of the house and get some sunlight. This can be best done while walking around the neighborhood, jogging, or watering your plants. If you have plans to go to a nearby store or marketplace, see first if you can take the chance to walk instead.

Eat a light breakfast

Food will fuel your body, so it is a must that you take breakfast. However, eating heavy meals in the morning will have the opposite effect. An article in Medical News Today mentioned that large meals and meals rich in protein and carbohydrates are most likely to make people feel sleepy - so avoid them as much as you can! A piece of fruit or a light snack should be enough for the morning.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Some people love drinking wine or alcohol to spice up their meals, but that can also make them feel drowsy. Alcohols are depressants that impact brain function, making you sleepy and tired. While it helps hours before your bedtime, its effect during the day, especially when you are restless, will have your energy levels quickly drop.

In situations you have insufficient sleep the night before, it always ends up feeling weary all day. Although the most important thing is to address the underlying reasons why you had less sleep or feel worn out in the morning, it helps that you have an idea of what you can do when it happens.

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