Tips to Find the Best Gift for Loved Ones

The season of giving is here - have you started planning gifts for your loved ones?

Planning gift-giving is one of the most awaited things for special occasions, even when there is none. There is so much happiness in making your loved ones feel special by giving them presents. You know it is more than just about the material thing, but the thought, love, gratitude, and appreciation behind every gift. It can be your way of communicating your gratefulness to them, or how proud you are! Fun fact, one research found that repeated giving may continue to feel relatively fresh and relatively pleasurable the more that we do it!

Gift-giving is pleasurable, but it may also be tedious! We often overthink many things because we want to ensure that the receiver will either appreciate it or make use of it. We want to give the most precious gift for the love of our lives, while not burning our pockets or spending more than we should. Some people are really creative in thinking about what gifts to give on certain occasions, while others are just too busy to do it.

If you are one of the latter, these tips will help you save so much time, effort, and money finding the best gift for your loved ones:

Make a list

You won't want to gift them something they don't want or don't need. Now, you might say you are the gift-giver and you should be the one to decide with your money. The thing is, gift-giving is about them being happy and about you giving. The best way to plan ahead is to create a list of the things they need and the things they want, then cross-check if they already have them or they don't. Otherwise, you can think of something they never thought they should have - but just be careful as you might gift them the opposite!

Consider your budget

In the end, it all boils down to your budget. You can't put a 3-day Maldives trip on your list if you know you are in no capacity to give it at the moment. Allocate enough money for gift-giving and stick with it. Always keep your budget in mind when trying to plan, but also be creative enough to use alternatives when needed.

Make it meaningful

The most meaningful gifts are not usually the most expensive ones. After all, it's always the thought that counts. You can make it meaningful and more special by personalizing your gift. Narrow down your choices by considering the occasion or day you'd like to gift it, the personality of the receiver, or adding a glimpse of memories to your gifts - the options are endless!

If they love to sleep and are obsessed with pajamas or they are skincare enthusiasts, you can gift them a pair of cozy PJs or The Ultimate Snoozzze Box - everything comes in one!

Be practical

Do you know that there is research showing that spending more does not always guarantee a well-received gift? It just goes to show that price is not everything! Receivers appreciate gifts that they can use daily. Consider the activities your receiver has and the things they love doing. Age also plays a factor in preferences!

One practical way is to solve their problems in the form of a gift. For example, if you noticed they lack kitchen essentials and know it would make cooking more efficient, then go gift it to them!

Give a gift that keeps on giving

It's always nice to have new stuff, but having to be gifted an experience is everything. Sentimentality is one thing to keep in mind when planning a gift - it makes people extremely connected and attached. It keeps on giving because it is a part of a heightened experience brought by the sentiment of the gift.

Quite literally, we offer exactly a gift that keeps on giving with The Ultimate Comfy Cozy Subscription, where every month, an alternate gift box between The Snoozzze Box and The Rise N' Shine box is delivered to your doorsteps. Whoever subscribed is probably on the lookout every month for their box - who will not be for a pair of cozy pajamas and self-care products?!

Gift planning does not have to be stressful, expensive, or tedious. You just have to be a bit more creative, resourceful, and wise with planning. Follow these tips to make your gifts much appreciated and EXTRA!