How To Show Appreciation to Loved Ones

Nothing feels quite like letting someone feel they are appreciated! Whether it's a family, a friend, or even just someone you know. And there are thousands of ways to show that aside from the words, "I appreciate you!"

When was the last time you took the extra mile to let someone feel that you value them? Probably just this morning, a few moments ago, or maybe even a longgg time ago. While there are moments we do it unknowingly, unfortunately, sometimes, we forget about it! Nothing to feel guilty about because we all get pulled into busy schedules and whatnot, but it is still important to slow down and appreciate the value of your relationships. Not only will it help nurture it, but showing appreciation to the people you love is vital for your well-being.

When showing appreciation, you would want to base it on someone's love language. By doing this, they will appreciate it even more! Here are some of the best ways you can let someone feel you appreciate them:

Say a compliment.

Hearing nice words from loved ones is a thousand times better than with anyone else! So be vocal and let someone know that they are beautiful or they look great. Greet someone a wonderful morning, or tell them they feel like light. A little positivity goes a long way!

Spend time together.

Many people underestimate the value of quality time, but it is even studied to impact overall well-being. Spending time together allows you to share stories and experiences, which makes things feel lighter and better. A physical connection transmits a sense of comfort, security, and peacefulness when with the right people. You don't even need to do anything extravagant - just the presence of your loved ones and a fraction of your time and theirs!

To spice up and really enjoy the time, you can:

  • Cook your favorite meals

  • Listen to their story

  • Play a game and bet

  • Go window shopping

  • Eat dinner together

  • Binge-watch a series on Netflix

  • Create a DIY craft

Do something for them.

One of the best and most meaningful ways to make someone feel appreciated is by doing something for them. For example, when you feel like your mom is too tired after work, you can help her by doing the laundry instead. This will put a smile on her face because she knows you care for her! Doing something on someone's behalf without being asked makes someone feel valued.

Especially for people whose love language is the act of service, taking something off their plate is a big deal.

Send a gift.

When giving a gift, it's always the thought that counts! Regardless of the price, the idea that you remember someone in a particular gift and send it to them will let them know that you think of them. A good example is The Snoozzze Box - a set of comfy pajamas and a bunch of self-care products that are thoughtfully selected for women of all ages and sizes. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to feel comfy throughout the night all the way to wake up!

You can always pick the kind of gift depending on who the person is, what you would love her to feel, or how you'd like to remember her - the possibilities are endless!

Appreciation and gratitude can be expressed in a million different ways. In the end, what matters most is you let yourself express your love and appreciation to the people you value.