How to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Have you ever been afraid of Sundays because that means Monday is just right around the corner? And well, Mondays usually mean tons of work! But what if we tell you we can help you have a stress-free Monday and end the week feeling strong and productive?

Just like how evenings are the starting point of a good morning, Sundays are the best day to prepare for the following week. It all begins with preparation and setting intentional goals to make the next day worry-free. Accomplishing the simple things and brain dumping will also give you more time and cost you less energy, so you can focus on what matters. This way, instead of having your body on autopilot, you are making it more productive for your weekdays to run smoothly!

Here are a couple of things you can do on Sundays to kickstart a fully-ready week:

Check-in with yourself

In order to know your next move, you must be able to take a step back and reflect on the previous week. Have you accomplished your goals? What are the tasks that seem to be more difficult or cost you more time than the others? Are your priorities well taken care of or are there some unfinished tasks you still have to work on? Not only those, but it is also important to scan your body and mind. Are you stable enough to do such tasks or is there anything out of your capacity? Asking these questions will help you decide on the next step. When you identify how your body feels with tasks, it would also be easier to know where to put your focus, what to remove entirely, or which to push.

Visualize the week

Once you've had a glimpse of what happened the previous week and how you felt about it, review your calendar and look for the "must-accomplished" tasks or your priorities for the following week. List them all down from the most to least important. Then, think about how you would like to have your week and other activities you feel like doing. You may also consider unplanned events you may have.

Organize your to-do list

Knowing all the inputs would not be enough without planning them out with deadlines. Organizing them by categories and giving yourself a timeline would boost your will to do them because you have set an expectation of when a task must be accomplished. Best if you print it out and put it in a place you'll always see it so you can be reminded!

When scheduling deadlines for yourself, make sure that you take into account your capacity to do them or other tasks you must do within the same day that requires more effort than you initially planned.

Check on your finances

The best way to check your bank accounts is on Sundays when the week has passed and another one is approaching. This may feel like it may drain you out, but it helps you stay track of your budget and planning. You may also find ways to adjust your spending, cut out unnecessary expenditures, or remind yourself to pay off bills instead of waiting for another payday.

Making sure you haven't overspent or even just the mere tracking of your balance will give you an idea of how you can organize for meal planning, grocery shopping, etc.

Make time for self-care

No planning will ever be as effective if you don't take time to rest and do what you love! You need to create time for yourself to quiet down and relax to have a clear mind after a long time of work. Knowing when to find the balance between being productive in motion and being productive at rest makes a lot of difference. Here are some helpful ideas you can pamper:

    • Meditate or do yoga
    • Journal
    • Do your nighttime routine
    • Go for a bubble bath and light some candles
    • Read your favorite book
    • Visit a nearby coffee shop
    • Go for a walk to breathe some fresh air
    • Plan a movie night or pajama party (with The Snoozzze Box PJs!) with your friends or family

Walking in the new day with plans in mind gives a sense of confidence and ease to help you accomplish tasks efficiently. Following these simple tips will make Mondays feel stress-free and more exciting knowing you've already set yourself up!