How to Build Bedtime Rituals for a More Relaxed and Better Sleep

Most people don't just get the right amount of sleep, but they also don't get a restful one! Sleep is a physiological process; our bodies can ​learn to sleep well, the very same way we can also learn to sleep poorly. Since our bodies follow a certain rhythm, we can establish routines to improve our sleeping patterns.

Bedtime rituals are basically the activities that you perform before going to bed or prepare you to sleep! The key is to get consistent in doing these every night to develop a pattern your body recognizes and will get familiar with. By doing these, it becomes easier to hibernate and fall to sleep as quickly as possible. The good thing is they don't have to be complex or expensive, and everyone can trick their brains to ready themselves for a good night's sleep!

Something calming, cozy, soothing, and peaceful that will help you wind down can be a precursor to sleep.

To give you more ideas for creating your personal bedtime rituals, here are some tips for you to try:

Decide on a Set Bedtime

According to a study at The Ohio State University, sticking to a consistent sleep schedule helps with stress levels. You have to first decide your sleep-wake time and follow it consistently, not just a few times! It will train your brain to naturally feel tired when it's bedtime after the habit is consistently made.

Take a Warm Bath

It's not a luxury for your time; it's a necessity! Who does not love the warm water that flows through your skin?! Not to mention the science behind it - mimicking the body's temperature drop that happens in the evening with a warm bath can trigger a sleepy reaction. To add up, nothing beats the time in the tub that helps to relax sore muscles, and it's a perfect way to release the stresses after a long tiring day.

Power down

One of the often causes of lack of sleep is stress as it activates our mind to wander. Raging thoughts can also intensify and develop into insomnia. That said, it is important to shut off the stimulations that keep you awake. You can do this by writing down a to-do list or journal to destress yourself, lighting off a candle, avoiding too much exposure to gadgets, listening to music, or anything that helps you feel more relaxed and reduce negative emotions!

Prep Your Bedroom

We've said it before, and we'll say it again! Creating a sleep-inducing bedroom that feels like a haven is a must. You want your body to feel comfortable, cozy, and peaceful in this place of your slumber. Not only it should be quiet, dark, and at the right temperature for your liking, but most of all, neat!

And of course, don't forget to wear The Snoozzze Box pajamas for the best night's sleep. Pajamas are proven to help you hibernate as it gives your body that comfort and sense of the night, added by our self-care goodies to include in your bedtime rituals.

By taking some time each night for your bedtime ritual, you will ensure a deep night of quality slumber. Indeed, endings can be beautiful, too, with a nice bedtime story!