7 Best Self-Care Gift Ideas for Women

You just don't want to gift anything to a loved one - you want to give them the best!

The art of giving is in itself an opportunity to create a memorable experience for you and the recipient. You want to make them feel special, and of course, you would want to buy gifts with "them" in your mind. Incorporating what they WANT or what they NEED is essential to make them appreciate the gift even more.

In an increasingly busy world where many of us seldom get the chance to connect daily, self-care is important. It's a nice gesture and a good idea to gift someone something they don't usually think of buying for themselves.

If you know someone who had a stressful time or has a friend who is into self-care and wellness or simply think of someone who really needs a breath of fresh air, here are thoughtful self-care gifts that you can get them by the end of the year:


Books are for anyone! If you are gifting someone who loves to cook, grab a recipe book. If it is for someone who is a gym rat, there are many fitness books to try. If you are gifting a person who is into meditation or loves the idea of anything about self-care, there are tons of beginner guides and self-help books that are popular these days. And kids love books as well!

The good thing about books is you can keep them for a long period of time, and there are many genres to choose from to tailor-fit to your recipients' liking.

Creative DIY Kits

Aside from gifting a kit, what is so special about them is you are actually giving them an experience. A delightfully curated kit that sparks creativity may be something they would fall in love with and do over and over again.

The Snoozzze Box

The Snoozzze Box is a monthly subscription box focused on self-care, targeting women of all ages and sizes. Each box includes a set of comfy and stylish pajamas and thoughtfully selected 3-5 sleep/self-care goodies perfect for anyone's bedtime routine. Everything that comes inside the box is also themed and made sure to be safe!

Some of the past boxes have had snacks, sleep masks, moisturizers, planners, deck cards, bath bombs, stress relief products, etc.

If you are looking for a subscription gift box that comes to your doorstep every other month for a year, this one is definitely what you are looking for!


Writing is one of the healthiest ways to regulate emotions and help with navigating feelings and thoughts. As the year ends and another one begins, many of us hope for a better year. This could be a perfect gift for people who would love to kickstart another 365 days with plans in mind. It will help them take down notes, articulate their thoughts, and start the planning!

When choosing a journal, you may also want to keep in mind what your recipient is most interested in. There are journals meant for gratitude, self-improvement, finance tracking, fitness, education, schedules, etc. Just like books, you'll never go wrong with a journal!

Aromatherapy scented candles

According to a psychotherapist and cognitive behavioral therapist, scented candles can play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health. Candles have been deemed as one of the favorite gift items for holidays and any occasion because they can be used as home decoration, stress-relieving tools, and many more. They can also be personalized, and the options are endless.


Women love to feel good about themselves. And jewelry or an accessory as a gift is like giving something that would make them feel beautiful, and they could symbolize many things! Gifting something people can wear on a daily basis or on special occasions makes you feel closer to the person. It also holds a powerful sentiment of friendship or relationship, especially when personalized.


Flowers are the most common expression of love, but also provoke strong emotions and hold deep meaning. No matter who the recipient is, this gesture is a mood-changer and will surely make someone's day. It can represent gratitude, affection, appreciation, romance, and a lot more. And there are flower shops that create bouquets with a twist - like adding some chocolate or surprise gifts inside!

Flowers are also inherently romantic and resemble feminity - it makes women feel more ladylike. Rarity has value, and for the reasons they are traditionally deemed to be a symbol of beauty and are considered an "old-fashioned" type of romance, they become much more meaningful.

Self-care is different for everyone. Regardless, incorporating the value of self-care still screams thoughtfulness and love. Making them remember that they deserve a treat of slowing down and that you remember them through these gifts, especially after this roller coaster ride of a year is the most important thing above anything else.