5 Ways To Adjust Your Sleep For Spring Season

“In a nation that is already sleep-deprived, losing an extra hour can make a huge impact,” says sleep specialist Harneet Walia, MD.

As we spring forward an hour during this season, some may find it difficult to adjust their body’s internal clock. Not only it may affect your schedule, but Sleep Foundation mentioned the association found between the transition to daylight saving time and short-term risk of heart attacks, stroke, traffic accidents, emergency room visits, and serious mood disturbances. It can be attributed to the change in cognitive function caused by sleep deprivation.

Although the clock changes only one hour, this change holds many consequences if not taken seriously. Especially for people with busy schedules, it takes more time to adjust! As this happens every year, here are ways you can adjust your body to still get more sleep despite the season change:

Adjust your bedtime gradually

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises people to try slowly adjusting their schedule by going to bed around 15-20 minutes earlier each day. By making these changes gradually, your body starts to adapt to daylight saving time and reduce the negative effects of the change.

Take advantage of sunlight

Without a clock, it is through the light that we get to subconsciously tell the time. Our circadian rhythm is also highly sensitive to light, which makes us more alert with more exposure. But as we understand the effect of light on our body, we should also realize how it impacts our sleep. The key is to maximize morning lights, such as sunlight, and minimize any forms of light in the evening.

To increase your energy levels and help your mind stay more alert, it is advisable to get more sunlight as it has the most powerful effect on our body and is the largest source of blue light.

Pay attention to your sleep environment

Your sleep environment is one of the major factors that make or break your sleep. If you've ever noticed yourself having better sleep in hotel rooms, this is definitely the reason! A well-regulated environment conducive to sleep helps you snooze quickly and does not disrupt your sleep, making it more quality and leaving you more refreshed in the morning.

Some important elements to observe in your bedroom include:

  • A well-dimmed lighting
  • Supportive mattress and comfortable bedding that is changed regularly
  • No unwanted noises
  • Device-free environment
  • Organized and clean space

Upgrading and investing in quality materials or any changes that will help you sleep more will pay off in the long run! If you are thinking about whether to buy that lamp or candle for a more relaxed sleep, do it! You will feel much better in the morning, which can lead to increased productivity.

Take a short nap during daylight (if necessary)

Let's be honest - not every one of us has the same level of energy throughout the day! Some need to recharge and take a nap! Although there is nothing wrong with taking a nap during the day, a maximum of 1 hour should be observed. This is because experts believe that the longer you nap, the more likely you are to feel groggy afterward. It is also important to keep in mind not to take naps beyond 2:00 PM, as it can potentially make it more difficult to sleep later in the night.

As simple as it may sound to avoid excessive napping, we know there are days you feel exhausted. If you find yourself feeling the extreme need to take a nap in the afternoon, you can instead do recreational activities or take a bath to help you stay more focused and awake. A cold shower is an effective way to wake your body up, inducing a higher state of alertness.

Wear comfortable clothing during sleep

As spring makes the weather warmer, there is no need for heavy clothing or socks during the night. Light fabrics like cotton or linen are comfortable to wear and keep your body at the right temperature throughout your sleep. This is important to consider because thick fabrics may increase the chance of waking you up sweaty in the middle of the night.

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To help you get into the new rhythm, make sure that you stay consistent with these bedtime habits. One hour is not just one hour when you lack sleep and remember that it will go a long way to make or break your day!