4 Reasons Why Family Connection Can Help Keep You Healthy

When was the last time you had a good time with your family? We get it, life gets really overwhelming! But a connection with a family every now and then should not hurt your time. When it comes to connecting to our families, we fall victim to the idea that it must be something extravagant like having trips to another country, throwing a huge party, or going all out. But we can all agree that the true happiness of family time is in the moments of joy that come from the simplest things! Just like in any other relationship, the secret is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary moments and make the best out of each time you are together.

In any society, the family is the most basic social unit and the foundation of who we become! But do you know that family relationships also help an individual cope, engage in healthier behaviors, and enhance self-esteem, which leads to higher well-being? Yes! Not only it is naturally joyous to share moments with them, but it is also beneficial to our overall health. Here are 4 reasons why:

Help you cope with stress in a good way

Sometimes, all we just need is people who understand without judgment! And a family is the most we can rely on with no hesitation. To most, this helps prevent harmful coping mechanisms like drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs. When we talk about our emotions or situations, they do not just help us cope by unleashing what we feel, but we also feel a sense of comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

May lengthen life-span

A good relationship with our families is a good foundation and indicator of how we connect with others. An article in the American Society of Aging mentioned that older adults with broader social networks have a good episodic memory, better cognitive functions, and also a lower accumulation of being exposed to stress.

Improves psychological and personal well-being

The emotional support provided by our families is truly incomparable. Most of the time, their words of affirmation are all we need to keep going after a long stressful day! They also help us navigate our way to achieve our goals and provide pieces of advice that guide us in our decision-making. The way they help us carry our baggages and create a safe space for us goes a long way to how we face life challenges and attain success.

Good for your cardiovascular health

Stress and smoking are some of the major causes of some cardiovascular diseases. Having a support system including our family helps us cope with stress in a good way and prevent harmful coping mechanisms that may contribute to the risks attributed to it. Simply put, family relationship and connection is good for every aspect of our lives!

And it does not have to be expensive or extravagant! Engaging in these precious moments can just be in the simplest way. The holidays are the perfect time to gather with loved ones, share stories that spark laughter and have a good cheer! Take a look at these some great tips to enjoy your family time:

  • Cook family meals together

  • Create family art

  • Bike riding or walking

  • Meditate together

  • Go to the nearest museum or library

  • Binge-watch or do a pillow fight with your pajamas on!

All of these can create a memory you will forever treasure! Because however simple it may seem, a time with a family will always be a lovely one!