Privacy Policy

All information regarding your The Snoozzze Box order will be kept confidential. We will not disclose any information to any individuals inquiring about an order they, or anyone else, has received unless required by law, a valid subpoena or a court order.

How We Use and Collect Information

Email Addresses

We collect email addresses that are given to us through our optional email sign-up registry. We also collect email addresses from our online order form.

If you have supplied us with your email address, we may contact you via email about a completed/ incomplete order, or with marketing about our products and services, or for promotional purposes.p

We do not trade, rent, or sell e-mail addresses to any parties.

Telephone Numbers

We will not store telephone numbers for purposes other than contacting customers with a question or information regarding their order. We do not trade, rent, or sell telephone numbers to any other parties.

Postal Addresses

We collect postal addresses that are supplied to us from online and telephone orders.

If you have supplied us with your postal address, we may contact you with updates of new products and services.

Aggregate Site Statistics

We collect, in aggregate form only, the domain names of visitors to our site, as well as statistics about sales, traffic patterns, and related site information. This information includes non-personally identifying information of visitors, such as browser software, operating system, and IP address, and is used for marketing and sales reporting, or to improve the function of our website.

We also collect non-personally identifiable information via Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, which includes information about user demographic and interest categories. You may opt out of this practice by visiting

Privacy Statement Updates

We may choose to make changes to our privacy statement. In this instance, we will inform and update our customers on how we collect and use information.